Studio Gallery 

My original artworks in pastels, oils and watercolour include seascapes and landscapes, native animals, birds and flora. I also take commission work of a favourite location, pet, plant or bird. If you are travelling to Warrnambool, drop in for a casual look at my paintings on display. We are located close to the Great Ocean Road. 

To make beautiful art accessible for all, my prices range between $125 for the smaller framed (25cm x 18cm) up to $600 for larger framed pieces (40cm x 60cm.)

My studio with around 30 paintings on display..

Wren tree! Water colour. 75cm x 55cm framed $600

Wren family Warercolour 45cm x 35cm $200

Blue Wren in flight framed 32cm square. $200

Native flowers in glass vase 1 32cm square framed  Watercolour $250

Gang gang watercolour. 45cm x32cm framed. $250

Pelican portrait watercolour  45cm x 32cm $250

Native flowers in glass vase. 2 Oil on canvas. 32cm square framed. $250

Galah oil on canvas. 37cm x 32cm framed. $250

Cormorant and Chicks. Watercolour 38cm x30cm framed. $150 Sold

Red Robin watercolour 32cm square framed. $100

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo watercolour 54cm x42cm framed. $400

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo watercolour. 38cm x30cm $200

Emu portrait watercolour 42cm x 32cm framed $200 Sold